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13:30 MIN.  

The development of an embryo ends with the birth, from which life begins, which in turn, after the death, flows in the undefined.Birth, life and death: this is the main tripartite division of "EX". A video work that takes the lifetime of a human existence as inspiration to outline a metaphorical and generalized portrait of its overall development. Each of the three phases—birth, life and death—is divided into three others, which are then divided in as just many sequences. The set of twenty-seven scenes of twenty-seven seconds is based on this structure; each is a symbol of one stage of existence.The formal interest that led to the creation of this symbolic apparatus—harnessed in that rigid mathematical structure—is animated by the desire to reach the essence of the phases of an individual’s inner development. It intends to categorize them and perhaps succeed to grasp or, at least, to brush their meaning. Even if only from a distance.






09:30 MIN.

No doubt the bloodiest tragedy ever written by the author. A terrible plot composed of death, sex and revenge, leaving no room for love, persecuted and raped, nor for mourning, turned into bloody revenge. This is the Titus Andronicus, credited as the first real Shakespearean tragedy, composed between 1589 and 1593.In this video work the central moment of the second act of the tragedy is staged, heavily edited: after the murder of her betrothed, one of the female characters is raped, mutilated and derided as a victim of revenge from the adverse family.The emphasis placed on the physical depiction of the characters comes from the interest in their corporal and material dimensions, but also, above all, the relationship that this has with the sensations and feelings of the protagonists. The body as a vessel but also as an interpreter of interiority, lifted up from the simple housing as a visible messenger of the invisible content. A fundamental identity existing between the internal and the external is therefore declared. This involves deprivation of sound expression, deemed unnecessary and intrusive with respect to the visual content and body language.A partition of the visual screen was used to allow both the contemporary narrative of parallel events and the emergence of all the friction and possible harmonies that can be created by two images placed in contrast with each other.The drama born, grows and is consumed by violence, terror and death. It makes us feel like powerless spectators but fails to clear the hope, the hallucinatory vision of a bright way out.

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